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In 2006, Ipsento was founded with the idea in mind that all people are on a journey of self-discovery. The word “Ipsento” was invented by the companies founders. It is the combination of two latin roots: ipse = “self”, sentio = “to discover”. As the founder’s journey led them down a different road of discovery, the door was opened for Ipsento’s current ownership to take their global coffee travels, stories, theories, experiments and knock-knock jokes and introduce coffee drinkers to what they found to be a profoundly deeper experience of coffee. And, while life can be rich and full without incredible coffee in the picture, our research indicates that less than seven percent of people agree. We are terribly serious about offering only the most brilliant, sustainable coffees in the world — and far less concerned with our ego to cram all of our business standards and ethics into this fine paragraph.

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Ipsento is always looking for creative and passionate people to join us in sharing the craft journey with our customers. Please fill out this application and send it to work@ipsento.com

Coffee Classes

Ipsento specializes in sourcing and roasting seasonal, stand-out coffees. What we've learned from our coffee travels we've brought back to Chicago to offer our customers some enriching coffee wisdom as well as help you brew a consistently tasty cup every morning.

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World Class Coffee

Ipsento partners with world class coffee farmers to offer you freshly roasted coffees that highlight not only the country of origin and terroir of the soil in which they were grown, but also the hard work of the farmer as well as the cultivars and processes that these coffee producers have chosen to present. Our emphasis is on single origin micro-lot coffees that change seasonally.

We offer both green coffee and roasted coffee, ground or unground for your convenience. These coffees are available to ship anywhere in the U.S.

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We offer training, equipment, tech services, and consulting to any of our wholesale relationships. If interested, give us a call at 773-273-9142 or inquire at wholesale@ipsento.com.


At Ipsento's core is the joy of engaging people with an immensely satisfying coffee experience.  Well...after a long hard day of delivering on that mission, many of us here go elsewhere to close our day out with a nicely crafted cocktail, glass of wine or a unique and tasty beer. Over the years we grew so connected to that rhythm that we decided to incorporate the latter beverages into a booze program--one of which we are just as excited to present to you as we are with presenting our outstanding coffee program.  Feel free to start the day at Ipsento 606 with a cup of coffee and close it out with us as well with some booze.

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